This coffee comes from the state of Chiapas, and is grown around the El Triunfo

nature reserve. This region is shaped by the volcanic mountain range Sierra

Madre de Chiapas. The Arabica plants are shielded from the storms of the Pacific

and still get enough rain and sun to develop ideally. 

The iron-rich, volcanic soils of this region at 1200 - 1600 m high locations are ideal

for growing excellent coffee. The harvest is done exclusively by hand. The strict

quality control before the Berilo is exported is just as meticulous. This coffee is

full-bodied and balanced with a fine fruity note. It has a medium-spicy, delicate

sweet and malty aroma. The balanced taste and the very fine acidity with a

medium, balanced body ensure a velvety, pleasant mouthfeel. Soft, sweet finish.


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ORGANIC Mexico 100% Arabica

CHF 12.00Preis
  • 250g