Grinder cleaner for coffee grinders (CAUTION: not suitable for fully automatic machines).

The mill cleaner consists of 100% natural products. Instructions: 1. Empty the bean container, let the remaining coffee beans run empty and clean as far as possible with a grinder brush. 2. Before cleaning, set the grinder to a "medium grinding degree" - this will prevent the grinding setting from shifting. 3. After approx. 40g of CleanGrind has run through, you can add coffee beans again. Please dispose of the first ground coffee with the remains of the cleaner. During the first grinding processes, particles of the cleaner can still appear, which does not affect your espresso in terms of taste, but the removed oily and possibly rancid coffee fats now guarantee a deliciously fresh cappuccino or espresso enjoyment again.


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Clean Grinder cleaner

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  • 500 g